About the book

Choose Again is full of truisms, of things that can, and will make your life better. It’s about the big questions we all ponder. If we but realize it the path was there beneath our feet the whole time. Solid. Reassuring. Waiting. Reading this book could change your life. If you want things to stay the same, then don’t bother.

This book is about Joy. It’s about the journey, my journey. It’s about the astounding parallel between the creation of art and the way we create our life. It’s about wanting to find a better way to happiness and practical steps once you set your feet on that path. It’s about shifting from a pessimistic outlook to an optimistic one. It’s about knowing to the depths of your being that you are loved and looking for love in all the right places, finally, at last. It’s not so much about the struggles as it is about what was gained from each experience.

Chose again book, Louise Carota

Choose Again was born out of an overwhelming desire to reach back to those still lost in the mist. To give them hope. To encourage them to pick themselves up and try again. To instill them with a feeling of love and well being they may have lost sight of or become numb to. If someone were to ask me who is your book was intended for, then I would respond, this book is written for me. The single mom who struggled to make ends meet, not realizing there was a whole universe invested in my wellbeing. For the young woman me who looked for love in all the wrong places and found disrespect when my heart longed for love and acceptance and trust. For the young artist me who bowed to her obligations and put aside her dreams unnecessarily it now seems, settling for limitations and boundaries when blue sky and possibilities is the song in my heart.

This is not a book of platitudes and easy fixes. This is a book of profound principles pondered and integrated into daily life. This book is written with passion, and playfulness, and joy. Amusing antidotes sprinkle the pages, and there are thoughtful segments from other books and resources – whose wisdom helped me along my path.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of my book is the blend of words and illustration – paintings, sculpture and sketches created by me – that express concepts in the language I am most comfortable with; visual art. As an artist, I write by conversationally describing with pen and paper the scenes and images that come to life so vividly in my mind.

The premise of this book is our innate ability – should we exercise it and flex our muscles – to choose again in every moment. Choose differently. Choose how we feel. Choose deliberately. And if you can manage to find a place of unconditional happiness and take up residence in that glorious blissful state, your life changes inexplicably, forever.